About Virtuals

Virtuals is a collective of industry professionals who work together to better understand and to promote the revolution of virtual production and real-time filmmaking.

Our first goal is to dive into real-time pipelines, analyze cost and production structures, and give a voice to field experts in order to provide insights into the future of virtual production.

Our second goal is to use the latest tech breakthroughs to create art and to evangelize new tools and pipelines through our work, striving to create stories rather than mere prototypes.

Our scope ranges from new storytelling trends and recent developments in 3D pipelines to market analysis and industry news, covering a global phenomenon that is shaping the future of entertainment.

Team members
Alvaro Lamarche-Toloza


Previously, Alvaro worked at Eisko as Head of Marketing and Communications, at the crossroads between AI, Games and VFX. Alvaro was introduced to virtual production after working in the video game industry and specializing in high-end digital humans.

He is self-taught in 3D and virtual production, having formulated projects that real-time filmmaking has now made possible to create.

Yingzi YUAN

Yingzi previously worked in the entertainment holding group Vivendi before joining Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab as a strategist.

As a culture and entertainment industry specialist, her background has led her to focus on the world of virtual production and virtual beings.


Florian is a senior character TD working in high-end animated productions, specialized in digital humans and real-time rendering.

He is currently in charge of the 3D scanning department of Unit Image, after leading the production team of Eisko for more than 5 years.