About Virtuals

VIRTUALS is an organization created to reflect upon the emerging virtualization of society, a global phenomenon which manifests itself in the growing number of virtual experiences and virtual characters appearing in our everyday lives, from virtual reality to virtual production and virtual beings.

We focus our attention on the three main fields: the explosion of CGIthe rise of AI, and the spread of interactivity which blend talents and ideas from all corners of the entertainment industry. We firmly believe that people interested in virtual influencersreal-time renderingvirtual social spaces or digital humans all share a common space and can greatly benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge.  

Our goal is to better understand the spread of virtualization and analyze the trends and innovations that are revolutionizing creative industries and B2C markets, all the while bringing together a community of stakeholders to improve collaboration and create new opportunities in a fast moving and highly technical environment.

Team members

Alvaro Lamarche-Toloza

Previously, Alvaro worked at Eisko as Head of Marketing and Communications, at the crossroads between AI, Games and VFX, with a focus on Digital Humans.

Yingzi YUAN

Passionate about Innovation in Cultural & Entertainment Industry, Yingzi works in Ubsoft Strategic Innovation Lab as an analyst.